Meet the Band

We love music, and we’re all grateful to have classical training in our background.  We believe music affects us all more than we give it credit for.  So we aspire to inspire the listener! To feel excited, triumphant, powerful, happy!  We’ll try to make you feel differently by the end of one of our songs than you did when it began.
— Ben Short, Composer, Bassist
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In Lightning is a seven-member, instrumental rock orchestra originally imagined by composer/bassist Ben Short, and drummer/percussionist Lamar Cornett.

Ben and Lamar were roomates - so the living room essentially consisted of a drum set, a bass amp, and Ben's late grandmother's upright piano.  Jams happened, song ideas developed.  Ben had the vision to compose the rest of the music, while Lamar was instrumental with the forms.  They targeted the other instruments needed to fulfill their portable rock-orchestra vision and found some awesome bandmates.  And In Lightning coalesced in that "living room."  


Ben Short

Lamar Cornett

Monica Potter

Nancy Mok

John Marietta

Ben Taylor
French Horn

Aaron Cummins