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"Turn It Wild" Official Music Video


"Happy Friday" Live on 91.9 WFPK Live Lunch

Happy Friday is intended to represent going through a typical, busy, intense work week. The intro of the song is calm, those last moments of peace from the weekend. But the first section begins with waking up and bustling right away Monday morning.
Each passing phrase adds another layer of complexity - there isn't a melody per se in this first section, but rather just layering more and more countering rhythmic parts, as Tuesday and Wednesday roll through fatiguingly. The middle section introduces a gnarly effected bass line that continues to rise and rise, the intensity growing and growing, your tolerance for all of this busy work week waning. And then all of a sudden... it stops - a held low note. And the guitar and bass come in together with a peaceful, serene, pretty backdrop. Happy Friday! We get to relax. And the strings and brass bring home that fulfilling weekend time with a joyful melody. Note, though, that the song ends back in the original minor key of the first section. Monday morning is coming.


“Crescent” Live on 91.9 WFPK Live Lunch

Crescent's working title was "The Pretty Song," for the lovely interplay between the bass melody, and the unique guitar arpeggios that complement over top. Eventually the song was named after the location it was written, living in an apartment on Crescent Ave. in the Clifton neighborhood of Louisville, KY.


“Moving Meditation” Live on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville

Moving Meditation seeks to be a fun representation of a typical individual's experience with meditation. Your mind keeps wandering off on different trains of thought - different musical sections. All the thoughts (sections) are related, but they all do their own thing. And the transitions in the music are intended to be abrupt or dreamy, to represent how an individual in a meditation practice will eventually catch that their mind has wandered, draw that train back into the station, but only for their mind to just begin to wander off on another thought... Interesting about Moving Meditation, is that it's form is a palindrome. A-B-C-B-A. Notice that the string melody from the exposition of the song comes back for the climax of the song in the final section.


“Champions” Live on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville

Champions tells the story of hiking a mountain. The exposition of the song sets out simply, optimistic, the bass line representing putting one foot in front of the other, even a brief drum solo of over-confidence. But during the second section of the song feelings of concern, doubt, perhaps even homesick and longing creep in as the cello takes the melancholy melody over top of the repeating piano backdrop. Eventually though, we make it! With a tempo increase, an exciting slap bass part bursts through, a dance party, and a triumphant guitar solo break out in celebration of making it to the top, achieving the goal!